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BE sanding is owned and operated by Brian Ebert.  Brian was born and raised in Santa Cruz and, with the exception of a couple of years in Kauai, has lived here most of his life. 

It was there in Kauai that Brian began his career in the board industry. He started by working for Mike Wellman surfboards, and then Lance Ebert Shapes.

After coming home to Santa Cruz there wasn’t anything else he wanted to do but surf and work on boards full time. Here in Santa Cruz he has worked for Screwball Industries, Pearson Arrow, M10, and Ebert Surboards on a regular basis. Brian also worked for D&D Glassing and under their direction he helped complete boards for Doug Haut, Buck Noe, Joey Thomas, Jeff Devine(JD), Mark Andreini, Johnny Rice, Steve Colletta, and Kalu Colletta. 

Long story short, if you had a board made by any of these guys chances are Brian may have had something to do with it. From glassing to sanding and back to ding repair at some point he has done it all. Recently he decided he wanted to spend more time and effort doing ding repair and would love to help you out.

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