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Your Board Is In Good Hands With BE Sanding.

"I rely on BE Sanding ding repair immensely. The rates are competitive, the work is done on time, but most important my boards look and work excellent. With new board prices approaching $700 I am glad to have them as a valued resource!"

Mel Nielsen, Santa Cruz

"I brought in a board that was buckled pretty badly I thought it was hopeless and I should just get ready to buy a new board. To my surprise Brian was able to fix my board and get me back out in the water faster than I could have expected. He did a great job, and was a pleasure to do business with."

Andrew Slipsager, Santa Cruz

"I buckled my board last winter at Steamer Lane. I had no back up board for bigger days. Brian did an excellent job on the repair and I got the board back before the next swell came."

Mark Porter, Santa Cruz

"I don't have sponsors that give me free stuff so my boards have got to last. Brian is second to none in repairing even the most mangled board. When you get it back you'll be second guessing where the orginal ding was because the match is so good."

Clay Butler, Santa Cruz








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